The Port Clinton Hotel Just a minute north of Cabelas on Rte. 61
  *Please inquire regarding specials and to confirm availability    
  Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Ginger Ale, Root Beer, Sierra Mist, Ice Tea, Unsweetened Ice Tea (one refill)   2.50
  Coffee, Decaf Coffee, Hot Tea, Hot Decaf Tea   2.50
  Lemonade (one refill)   3.00
  Hot Chocolate with Whipped Creme   2.75
  Small White Milk   1.50
  Large White Milk   2.25
  Small Chocolate Milk   1.75
  Large Chocolate Milk   2.50
  Children's Small Apple Juice   1.50
  Children's Large Apple Juice   2.50
  Children's Small Soda   1.50
  Children's Small Lemonade   1.50
  Iced Coffee (Hazelnut, Bavarian Chocolate, Raspberry)   3.00
  Wines by the Glass:    
  White Zinfandel    
  • Lambrusco
  • Bianco
  • Bianco Blush
  Livingston Cellars
  • Burgandy
  • Merlot
  Port Clinton Hotel is now featuring Long Trout "Homemade Style" Wines

Berried in Chocolate
A tasty full-bodied berry blend just dripping with chocolates - Sure to get the juices flowing.

Sour Cherricola
Remember the sour cherry tree by the creek when you were a young whippersnapper? Close your eyes and relive this classic smell and taste. This time you won't have to spit the pit.

Indecent Exposure
An exquisite blend of three grapes, this beauty lets it all hang out.

Berried Alive
Blend of Strawberries, Black & Red Raspberries - A luscious blend of berries just screaming to be experienced!


  • Yuengling Premium
  • Yuengling Lager
  • Miller Light
  • Rolling Rock


12 oz Bottles:

  • Yuengling (Premium, Lager, Light, Chesterfield Ale, Porter, Black & Tan, Light Lager)
  • Rolling Rock
  • Land Shark
  • Samuel Adams
  • Miller (Light, High Life, Genuine Draft, Miller 64)
  • Coors and Coors Light
  • Blue Moon
  • Budweiser, Bud Light and Bud Light Lime
  • Old Milwaukee & Old Milwaukee (NA)
  • Michelob, Michelob Ultra

12 oz Imports

  • Amstel Light
  • Heineken
  • Molson Golden
  • Labatt's Blue
  • Seagram's Strawberry Daiquiri
  • Smirnoff Twisted Raspberry
  • Corona
  • Mike's Hard Lemonade

We serve the BIGGEST portions in the AREA !